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We are focused on providing the best quality of care, with a wide range of services and modalities to address your injury or condition. In order to best serve you. We custom tailor a plan targeted to help your recovery and growth physically using a combination of our services.

Conditions we treat include and are not limited to:

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), Vertigo/Dizziness/Poor Balance, Shoulder Impingement, Patellofemoral Syndromes, Plantar Fascitis, Joint Replacements, Post Concussions Symptoms, Chonic or Acut injuries, Strains and Pains, Pain in Shoulder, Elbows, Wrists, Hands, Hips, Knees, Feet, and Spine.

**Session prices range from 160$ or 210$ (Scott Pensivy) Please call the front for further explanation of pricing**


Acoustic Therapy

Suffering from built up scar tissue, decreased mobility in a joint, or arthritic changes, this modalities may be for you. Acoustic healing wave for soft tissue pathologies. It is a noninvasive treatment solution that uses high intensity sound waves (acoustic pulses) which interact with damage or inflamed tissue in the body. This technique can improve circulation, decrease pain, help decrease scar tissue and facsial adhesions, along with enhancing a healing environment.

CLICK each below to see all of our Shockwave Therapy and EMTT technology at the clinic and furter info

1. Acoustic Wave

2. Magnetolith

3. The FOCUS


Therapeutic Exercises

Prescribed by your licensed Doctor of physical therapy to specifically address your needs. These may vary widely, including strengthening, balance, proprioception exercises, and may be prescribed for sport specific activities. In our facility we have some of the latest and best equipment that we will help show you exercises to perform at home or at your gym to stay on top of your therapy sessions.


Dry Needling + estim

A skilled and certified intervention that uses a thin filament needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying muscular trigger points, muscular and connective tissue dysfunctions. It helps to manage a neuromusculoskeletal pain such as a herniated disk with numbness or tingling and dysfunction such as tight muscles to improve poor movement patterns.

IMG_6190 2.HEIC

Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics are molded or scanned in the clinic by a therapist and customizations are added specifically for you gate and feet. It is fabricated to improve the biomechanics of the foot and ankle and to improve the biomechanics of the lower extremities. These inserts or orthoses can fit into a shoe or sneaker to provide appropriate kinematics of the lower extremities to approximal lower back regions. They have shown in research to improve vectors and to improve function of the lower extremities, thus decreasing injuries and improving function.


Sports Specific Rehabilitation

Program with certified athletic trainer or DPT to assist the athlete to become more physically fit by strengthening and endurance training activities. These activities can be improved and prevent injuries where the appropriate sports specific training programs. Each sport must be separated from others, as all sports demands are not equal. These programs are outlined and designed to the appropriate demands of a specific sport with the appropriate wellness progression. After finishing therapy and want to perform specific training focused on your impairments we will set you up with Benny owner and trainer of Tier One Performance.



SPOT CRYO is perfect for chronic migraines, PTSD, anxiety, post operative facial surgeries or cosmetics.

It is an all electric cryo therapy that we can specifically put to area of treatment. The machine gets to -22 degrees fahrenheit and safely cools the tissue down reducing inflammation and helps with collagen formation ultimately with extra benefits of tightening skin. 


bOOST treadmill 

The boost treadmill is an antigravity treadmill that helps reduce impact into LE joints. If you are suffering from arthritis, hip replacements, post surgical llower extremity surgery, or just want to get back. to running this is for you! This machine helps our athletes and lay person get back to walking jogging and running faster and at a safe environment. It can off load lower extremities up to 90% of your body weight. Our treadmill is open to the public with scheduling with the front desk. Call today!


Vibroacoustic Therapy
and Red light Therapy

Vibroacoustic Therapy is an FDA approved for increasing circulation, pain relief, and increasing mobility. Vibroacoustic therapy is a new way to recover and fun fact this therapy is actually being evaluated to treat a number of conditions including fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Red light therapy is one of our most popular modality. Red light helps with the collagen production to strengthen skin structures andelasticity helpling wrinkles or scars. RLT also helps with increasing fibroblasts helping with connective tissue. Blood circulation allso increases with RLT thus reducing inflammation in cells.


Manual therapy

The art and science of using on-hands treatment helps determine a proper diagnosis and effective treatment technique. These may involve joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, stretching, muscle energy techniques, strain-counter-strain, myofascial release, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, and much more. Our DPTs, and Licensed Massage Therapist know that hands on work is limited in most Physical therapy clinics and we see that this is so important to add into treatment sessions.



Looking to increase hip mobility and attack chronic low back pain, Stretch – to – Win may be for you. It is a postural stretch technique (STW/FST). Stretch-to-Win or FST is a new method of fast, effective, and long lasting manual techniques from a licensed practitioner designed to stretch fascial restrictions in the body that can lead to dysfunction and pathologies.


Blood Flow Training

BFRT is a FDA approved system when applied uses external pressure over the extremity, arms or legs. The applied pressure is sufficient to maintain arterial inflow while occluding venous outflow distal to the occlusion site. The goal is to simulate growth hormones, stem cell activity, and protein synthesis. This technique can help improve metabolic activity by hacking into this metabolic system. The technique allows the patient to make greater strength gains with a much smaller load and decreasing stress to the joints.



Unique Multidirectional Upper extremity Rehab  tool. Struggling with Rotator Cuff pathology, weakness in upper extremities or trying to increase thoracic and shoulder mobility, the Gyrostycks is a great rehab tool for you. Created by Scott Pensivy he has down extensive research on giving his patients the best at home care with addition of GyroStycks.

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